Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Lesson of Pain

What is the lesson?

What am I to learn?

What am I lacking?

What do I need to improve?

Questions are reeling

Through my mind….

Prayers are said

In complete earnest

Seeking understanding

Knowledge and discernment…

The reason for this path?

Why was this dictated to me?

My Sister always said

I was strong….

I do not feel that…

Weak and broken

Those are the best description…

Will I ever understand?

Will the knowledge

Be granted after death

When I stand before

Our Great God and Judge?

Will I be allowed

To impact…to share….

To somehow assist…

Another on this

Long journey?

Is this the

True lesson?

To know pain

In an intimate way…

To experience pain

In all its magnitude…

To better understand

My neighbor and friends

For having travelled

Where so few

Have truly dwelled…

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