Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Hidden Blessings

The path of pain

Its winding trail

The upwards climb

The downhill slipping trek…

A gaze upward

Toward the brilliant blue

The warmth of the sun

Beating against skin

Sense of balance lost

On the ground…

A shake of the head

An inward groan

Yet small smile

Then a gentle voice

A strong hand offered

“Thank You”!

Back on feet

However unsteady…

The path continues

Twists and turns

The sound of water

Trickling over rocks

The gentle sounds

Of the babbling brook…

Again the sound

Distracts the body

On the ground

Not knowing how

Again crumpled

A slight shake of the head

Managing a smile

While summoning strength

To once again stand…

A gentle hand

Touching the shoulder

The wanting to wince subdued

A gentle turn

Hand outstretched

To gently be drawn

Back to your feet…

The path inevitably

Leads you home

To seek rest

To hope to restore

Some type of strength…

A simple knock

A shuffle to the door

Smiling faces

“Thinking of you”

Welcomed in

To share a few words

To sit as companion and friend

To offer a prayer and hug…

These are but a few

Of the “Hidden Blessings”

Of chronic pain…

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