Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Rise Above

Living in constant, chronic pain

Requires all effort and energy

To get out of bed

To dress and ready for the day

…..to Rise Above the Pain

No plans made

The only thought

To manage…to make it through

To distract or shift focus

…..to Rise Above the Pain

Force myself to rest

To take time to stretch

To shift and shuffle step

From the back to chair

…..to Rise Above the Pain

The beauty of the day

Surrounds and uplifts

The gentle movement of air

From the fan

…..to Rise Above the Pain

The bright ray of sun

Coming through the window

Casting its rays

Across the room

…..to Rise Above the Pain

Bouncing across the floor

Racing toward the wall

Reflecting towards the ceiling

Filling the room with light

…..to Rise Above the Pain

The heart is lifted

The body revolts

The coursing pain

Attempts to overwhelm

…..to Rise Above the Pain

Prayers are answered

A warmth within

An inner strength provided

The welcome assist

…..to Rise Above the Pain

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