Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

During my long history of dealing with multiple health issues and chronic conditions, I resisted the use of pain medication. I did faithfully use them after surgeries as prescribed; however, I was always hesitant to use for the day to day pain. The only reason I could say is because of stubbornness.

I have long used distraction and my mind to “ignore” the constant pain in my body. I know that this is the way that many of us choose to deal with our battle. We may fear the possibility of becoming addicted….of the side effects…of it not working…

We do our best to educate ourselves…I know that I am not the only one that researches medications and/or treatments that we discuss with our doctors. Because of our chronic conditions/illnesses, we are “educated” patients. We understand better than most the limitations of the medical community….we know that there IS no cure for our Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/etc. We know that only our symptoms can be treated….and often….the ultimate result is just having the “edge” taken off of our intense pain.

I cannot put a single finger on the reason that I changed my mind…to ask for additional help from my doctor. I know that I had been praying about it….I know that I was seeing the fear and frustration in the eyes of both my husband and son. It then became clear that I was being selfish in not attempting something!

I was able to discuss my change of heart with my Gastroenterologist…which was extremely helpful! We were able to generate several options of how I could counteract the side effects of the potential pain medications. This information and having the support of my GI further gave me the confidence that I had made the right decision.

This is just my second day with my new scrip. Yet…it has given me some hope. The intense burning that I had and my headache (not gone…just greatly lessened) are steps in the right direction.

My goal for the pain medication is modest…..I hope that the “edge” will be taken off so that I can gain some semblance of routine.

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