Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Insurance = Frustration

I am sure that everyone who has a chronic illness/condition has found himself or herself in the situation of being SO frustrated with Insurance.

I had received the call and all seemed set for my test for the pain pump.  I was excited…nervous…ready!  Of course, had to go off the pain med that had been helping…

Then the phone rang!  Insurance had denied my doctor’s request to allow the test to proceed. I immediately called my insurance company to find out why.  I was then told that they had not received the “MRI that showed the pinched nerve”….

What is wrong with those people????  I have no back problem….Insurance obviously paid no attention to the information that was presented to them by my doctor….

My conditions?  Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder….hmmmmm were does a pinched nerve in the back come in????  IF it was ONLY that simple!!!!!

Yes….I was exasperated…my body was then completely overwhelmed with exhaustion after the roller coaster!  Pain was elevated….even more than normal because of the lack of pain pills…

Needless to say….I crawled in to bed last night and gave in to complete….total exhaustion.

Now waiting while my doctor takes up the fight….he will have a Peer-to-Peer with my insurance company to push for the test….

Now back to the waiting game!  Hopefully it will only be a week or so before all can be rescheduled…

I am just SICK and TIRED of Insurance playing “Doctor”….they do not know what is best for me!  My doctors/specialists who are working so diligently to try to help me are the ones that should be allowed to do their best to help me!

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