Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Into The Waters…

Just as our Lord Jesus Christ

Went to John the Baptist

To fulfill his covenant…john-baptizes-christ-39544-gallery

Demonstrating the importance

Of obedience to Heavenly Father

By being baptized in the river Jordan…

We are each called

To follow His example

To seek forgiveness

And humble ourselves

To be submerged in the water…

This powerful step

Of allowing ourselves to be lowered into the water

To represent the casting off

Of our old self…

To then be raised out of the water

A new person

Free from our sins…

With the full knowledge

Of the sacred covenant

To follow in Christ’s steps…

To embrace a life of serving others

To seek guidance from the scriptures

To allow the Holy Spirit to manifest within us…

The power of the image above

A potent reminder

To each of us of that blessed day…

The day that we

Chose to submit

To become a follower of Jesus Christ…

The day we were forever changed

With spiritual eyes opened

With hunger to learn and to live as Jesus did…

The overwhelming joy

The unexplainable peace

No words can describe…

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  1. Beautiful words for such a sacred commitment. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings

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