Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Overcoming Frustration

Chronic illness…pain…conditions

Are often tied to frustration.

Slowly or suddenly

Life is changed.

The smallest of tasks

Becomes a massive mountain.

Obstacles are magnified

As we struggle for relief.

Our illness…pain…conditions

Are not understood by medicine.

Some conditions have

More solutions or rather resources than others.

We struggle with doctors

With specialists that do not believe.

Some of us educate them

Truly proving that these conditions exist.

We fight frustration

As we try medications….treatments.

Each of our bodies

React and exhibit symptoms differently.

The vast spectrum

Blurs and confuses.

Commercials bombard loved ones

Convincing them of “miracle drugs”.

Yet we have strength

We have others like ourselves.

As we join and share

We speak to ease our frustration.

We can overcome the negative

Even while trapped.

Trapped within a body

We no longer understand.

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