Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

God Is Good

This can be misconstrued…

The statement “God Is Good.”

God is beyond the human definition 

Of “Virtuous, Right, Kind, Benevolent.”

Yet he is those things and more.

Omniscient, omnipresent 

The Alpha and Omega

Truly…the beginning and the end.

Through prayer and study

We open ourselves to His workings,

We learn to listen to His Will

By the quiet voice

Of the Holy Ghost

Who dwells within us.

As we still our busy minds

Take time to focus

To earnestly listen.

Our Heaven Father is present

He is always watching.

It is up to us

To choose His path

To share His love and compassion.

By choosing to follow

His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ,

We are reminded

God is good.

We see this

In the actions of others,

Through the power of prayers

Those answered and those unanswered. 

With faith we press forward

We diligently seek ways to serve,

To share our hope,

And our many blessings

From our Heavenly Father above. 

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