Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Enduring a Flare

Pain is not alone

It has many dark friends

Who seek to completely

Overwhelm and envelope.

Our everyday battle

Our usual “symptoms”

Who accompany us

Occasionally changing intensity.

New symptoms do check in

Take residence to cause change

Often with a few die-hard “friends”

Who never leave our side.

The dreaded “Flare”

Can appear out of nowhere;

It can also be anticipated

When we go out or take a trip.

In any case

The wind is taken from our sails

Our minor victories

Seem to be in the far distant past.

We can fall victim

To depression and frustration

To hopelessness and despair

Or chose to view the rainbow.

The slightest distraction

Can assist in our mental fight

As we nurse our battered body

Through the horrific pain.

Do not be afraid

To lift up our eyes

To beg for a brief respite

To allow ourselves to rest.

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