Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Gasping for Breath

As if a massive wave
Has swept over me,
So comes the nausea
To a body overwhelmed.
Waves crashing upon the rocks
The throbbing and stabbing
Ears ringing so loud
Can barely hear the wind.
As lightening illuminates the sky
Searing pain jolts my being
Spasms course through my leg,
I feel several twitches.
My mind once bright
Now dulled by a thick veil
That allows only a glimpse
Of what was.
As the wind moves the trees
Violently tossing them to and fro
Leaves flying and tumbling on the ground
So the chronic condition has taken hold.
Yet just as the sun
Will pierce through the clouds
The still small voice of comfort reminds,
“The Lord is my refuge and my strength.”
Warmth floods my weary bones
Cleansing with His calming hand
The ever present pain still strong,
His tranquil peace wraps as a blanket.
Prayers uplifted are always heard
The answer not always obvious
Health is not necessarily the outcome,
But submitting to the potter as if clay.
Treading a path shared by others
To connect and encourage…to share
We uphold each other on this journey,
In common solidarity to stand strong.

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