Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

I learned a valuable lesson today when I went to see my Pain Specialist.

I spoke with him about how I could barely stretch my new pain medication to seven hours…even though I was to be taking one every eight hours. I was open and frank…that by the seventh hour my body would be completely acting up…

It was truly hard to speak up like this…I like so many of us dealing with chronic health illnesses/conditions…I really did not want to be “captive” to a pain medication.  However, I felt SO liberated in speaking so frankly with my specialist!

We adjusted my pain med to one tablet every six hours to maintain a higher level of the medication in my system.  As we were discussing the adjustment, it really hit me…Pain Medication is a TOOL!  It is a very valuable tool for those of us living with extreme chronic pain…day in and day out.

I am SO thankful for a pain specialist that understands and supports me!  I am thankful for the time and effort…the research he has put in to find a pain medication that my system would better tolerate.

I know that I am not “giving” in…I am doing something positive…something that allows me to have a better sleeping pattern (3-4 hour solid chunks)…to be able to perform my gentle stretching daily…

I am learning that by taking advantage of this “tool” that I can better set up a routine…including scheduled naps during the day…interspersed with gentle stretching. Such a milestone!

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