Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Answers to Prayer

Chronic pain has been a “gift”

Of Heavenly Father above.

How so can you ask?

I can feel your disbelief.

This knowledge did not

Show itself overnight.

A long and winding path,

With falls and steep climbs

Crossing through unknown terrain,

Forced to cry out…to ask for help.

God has used my brokenness

To show his strength and power,

To show his mercy and peace…

He has blessed me with visitors

At times I’ve been low.

He has delivered a text

Of comfort from a dear friend.

He has provided a quiet voice

Whispering scriptures to my mind,

“I can do all things

Through Christ which strengtheneth me.”*

Through the stillness

Of being homebound,

He has demonstrated

His answers to prayers.

Chronic pain at first glance

Appears to have taken all.

Yet, in reality,

A new world has been opened.

The stillness and quiet

Provide time for prayer

To read scriptures

When eyes can focus.

Silent words spoken

Throughout the day.

I am being taught

To listen to His voice,

To treasure a knock at the door,

To share my journey,

To accept my “new” self.


*Philippians 4:13 KJV

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