Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Yearning Heart

young-girl-dreams-7651155A wishful dream

Never meant to be…

To yearn for one

That would love true…

Desire to build

A life together…

A heart’s aching

Is this dream empty?

To view the beauty

That surrounds with glee…

Yet knowing deep within

One’s measure misses the mark…

Ever falling short

And not want for trying…

Each blemish a gaping scar

There is no cover under which to hide…

Exposed by the brilliant light

And left feeling broken…

Why is love elusive

Found by some and not all?

Searching within

To find what’s lacking…

Review of every aspect

My eyes find nothing…

What truth is to be found

Hidden beyond the cloud?

The question left unanswered

While the heart yearns…


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