Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

So Many Changes

The hidden illnesses and conditions that ravage our bodies…force major, and sometimes, drastic life changes.

We find ourselves homebound…no longer free to come and go as we please.

We used to have great jobs…now we are lucky to get out of bed and get dressed.

Exercise used to be easy…a jog, climbing stairs, lifting weights…no more.

Gentle stretching is now the most activity we can handle.

The throbbing, stabbing, and deep aching never leaves.

We cannot remember a good night’s sleep…thankful for 3-4 hours in one block.

We deal with symptoms we could never have imagined.

Our bodies are no longer our own.

We are now trapped within a stranger’s body.

We now speak in half truths…protecting those close to us.

We are forced to become our own advocates.

We learn to battle with insurance.

We never know how we will feel…how intense our symptoms will be.

We live with disappointment as we must cancel plans last minute.

We struggle with self image…no longer the person we were.

We struggle with our memory…with “Brain Fog” or “Fibro Fog”…casting a thick veil…making coherent thought impossible.

We cannot remember words…we stall…grasping…struggling…only to blurt out something incorrect.

This is just a few…of the many changes….those of us with chronic pain/conditions must learn to live with….to adjust to…as we adapt to our “new normal”.

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