Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

The Psyche Frustration

Webster has many definitions for the word Psyche:

“1. Classical Mythology: a personification of the soul, which in the form of a beautiful girl was loved by Eros.

  2. The human soul, spirit, or mind.

  3. Psychology, Psychoanalysis. The mental or psychological structure of a person, especially as a motive force.

  4. Neoplatonism. The second emanation of the One, regarded as a universal consciousness and as the animating principle of the world.

  5. A female given name.”

I am referencing the second and third definitions. The reference to our state of mind.

Those of us with chronic pain make many decisions in handling our pain…our conditions…one of which is the use of opioids for some sort of relief.

As we know, the choice to use the opioids is often a necessary…yet difficult one….

Once the decision is made, we are committed to monthly appointments with our pain specialist to obtain the necessary hand written prescription.  We discuss with our doctor how we are doing…how the medication is working…any differences we have felt over the past month…then our doctor may suggest an adjustment to our dosage…or perhaps a different opioid.

Our pain specialists know that we are not making things up…that we are not creating a delusion…that we are truly sick…that we are truly dealing with intense physical pain…pain that will never go away.

We learn to adapt our lives…we learn to utilize the tools that our medical team provides to us…along with the many changes that are forced upon us.

We endure showing our ID when picking up our medication. At first it feels so awkward and strange…it is almost as if we are doing something wrong….yet…we know that we are not doing anything wrong.  We are utilizing an important tool in our toolbox against our severe, chronic pain.

The one requirement that I am still trying to “come to grips” with is the required yearly appointment with the Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist.  Now, please do not take this wrong!  I truly appreciate the work they do….the serve an important role…and yes…they are a part of our medical team.

What frustrates me is the idea that someone thinks that I am making up my conditions in order to take a pill. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever consider making this up! I know that I am not alone in this. (The “someone” of course is the government….since our opioid medications are Federally regulated.)

I do not like having to go once a year…I do not like the way they sometimes try to misspeak our words…I do not like having to constantly repeat myself, over and over…relaying the same stories…

Yet…that is exactly what I will do at my next appointment. I will have my husband by my side…as he will wheel me in with my wheelchair.  Then I will do my best to focus through the Fibro Fog…

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