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The Eyes of a Puppy

I could not help but smile and find myself in awe while watching our pup experience her first full day of warm sunshine.

Watching her reaction to the first flying bug, ears perked and swatting at it with her paw. Then a dried leaf tumbles by, distracting her…as she chases after it…quickly running back to me with her “prize”!

Our lab runs by with their sock…off for a game of tug-a-war…just to be interrupted by the distraction of a bird landing in a tree.  Our pup looking up…as if trying to figure out how to get up the tree.IMG_7384

Watching her copy the actions of our lab…he jumps over a rock….although hesitant, she attempts the same!  She makes it…even though her landing is not the best! LOL

Soon she will be more coordinated…and her reactions to all that go on around will not be met with such wonder and curiosity…for now she is reminding me of all the miracles that surround us on a daily basis!



Miriam-Webster’s definition “to irritate by constant scolding or urging”.

Now let us see, as we turn the mind’s eye inward,

I see the perfect parallel to our path with pain.

We are under the constant scourge

The overbearing pressure

With the constant knowing

That we are no longer in control.

It is not by our own volition

For we did not seek this fight

Nor did we ask for his assistance

Yet here we are, in league and alongside.

We are driven to depths unknown

We see and experience well beyond most

Yet we are driven to continue

To press forward, to endure.

Our path often misunderstood

For no-one except one of us

Can truly catch, or grasp, the meaning

Of our relationship with Pain.

For ours is a hidden path

One that is misunderstood

To bear what is cloaked

Unseen by the many.

We are charged to share

To shine, even a momentary light

To the hidden culprit

Who is urging us forward

Displaying our weakest moments to all.

It is our companion

Our ever present guide

Upon this path we did not seek

This that sets us a part from others.

It is our relationship with Pain

Our hidden struggle

That has forged a strong bond

No longer against….but with.

The Leaf

As a leaf on a tree

It’s bright vibrant green

Soaking up the sun

Full of health and vitality

It witnesses many days

The drip of the soft rain

That caresses its surface

Providing a refreshing cascade

The iridescent glow

Of droplets backlit with the sun

The season begins to change

The night becomes longer

No longer the brilliant green

It is now cloaked

In a coat of many colors

Brilliant orange and yellow

Drifting softly towards the ground

The wind catches and carries

Its precious load to the water

The swift running creek below

Caught by the breeze

The leaf falls

Back and forth it dances

With an unseen partner

Until it gently settles

On the surface of the waters

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