Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

If you are awaiting your opportunity for a pain pump trial, there are a few things that I would strongly recommend you do to prepare yourself for the procedure.

  • Take time to write down any questions you and/or your family members have for any aspect of the procedure or of the pain pump itself.
  • Realize that this procedure will more than likely result in a major Fibro Flare! If like mine, it will be more intense than any experienced to date.
  • Take a shower the day before the procedure! You will have to avoid heat and not be allowed a bath for up to several days (depending upon your doctor’s instructions).
  • Prepare, or better yet, ask a friend to provide dinner for you and your family the evening of the procedure. You will only want to curl up with a blanket to rest or attempt to nap.
  • Resume your medications as soon as you can (or as instructed by your specialist). Do not be discouraged if you are overwhelmed by pain! It will take a day or so for your meds to get your body back under control.
  • Plan on doing nothing the day after. This has been a huge stressor — physically, emotionally, mentally.
  • Understand that no matter how much you have prepared for this opportunity, it will be overwhelming! Whether it is successful or not, you are embarking on a major event…potentially life changing.
  • Your body’s reaction to the trial WILL be black and white. You will either experience some type of relief or there will be no change in your symptoms. (For me, this was great news…the idea of a “clear answer”!)
  • Embrace all offers of help!
  • If successful, you will need patience as your doctor and pain pump manufacturer coordinate for approval via insurance for the pump and the scheduling of the surgery for implantation. (I am told this can take 3-4 weeks to get to the point of scheduling the procedure.)

Comments on: "Pain Pump Trial – What to Know" (2)

  1. Stacy,
    Am praying that you have some relief after the initial procedure.
    Thinking of you often, and miss you terribly.
    HUGS to you my freind,

  2. Very interesting, thanks for sharing. I so hope this will help you!!

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