Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

Pain Pump Surgery

It is the fifth day after my pain pump surgery.  I am, I hope, just coherent and focused enough to relay my story thus far…

Preparation for the surgery was normal protocol…not food to eat or drink after Midnight the day before…my surgery was this past Wednesday.  I had discussed the idea of taking one of my pain meds the morning of…however, I ultimately opted out of it…knowing that there would be such a great concoction of drugs bombarding my system.

My pain specialist had said that I would be released to come home the same day as surgery…however, the nurse I spoke with at the surgical center told me to be prepared to spend the night in the hospital for observation. So, armed with my overnight back (which includes a comfy robe) we loaded up and headed to the surgical center about an hour north of us.

I did have a bit of a scare two days before my surgery…the scheduler called to change the time…pushed it out from 6 AM to 7:30 AM.  To me, this was a good thing…it meant a bit more sleep/rest….plus I would be able to wake our son for his next to last day of school.

The staff at the surgical center was fantastic! Genuine, professional and caring…I was so impressed! I was taken back to prep within minutes of checking in…so thankful for the heated blanket to be draped over the surgical gown. The IV was placed…I met everyone on the team…reviewed my issues with anesthesia — nausea and extremely slow to wake up. My surgeon, who is also my pain specialist, discussed placement of the pump…which we quickly determined would be placed on the right side of my abdomen. It would be the perfect offset to my colostomy on my left side.

I was given antibiotics through the IV before and during the procedure. They also called in a prescription of a 10 day antibiotic to take immediately following. There was great care taken to prevent any type of infection.

My pain specialist and the pain pump rep spoke to us about the procedure…the medication to be used…and the story behind the medication that I would be using. (Will post that on its own…)  Long story short, I would not have to stay overnight at the hospital since he had chosen Prialt…an overnight stay is only required when using morphine and/or other opioid combination in the pump.

The entire process went quickly and smoothly.  Within three hours, I was awake and alert…speaking with the nurse and my husband.  The nurse adjusted the binder (very soft and comfy) so that it would not be too snug on my stoma and my husband helped me to change into my clothes…time for the long ride home…and rest…

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