Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

My Former Self 

Sitting in the rig

I am overwhelmed by the beauty

Thankful to be out

Time beyond the confines of home…

Last week I was asked by a friend

“Is it worth it?”

Regarding increased symptoms

The additional pain, stomach knots, cramping

That are inevitable when I leave the house…

Without hesitation I respond

“Yes…it is the only piece I have left of who I was”

Tears well as I hear myself speak

The magnitude of all that has changed

The toll that chronic illness and pain have cost…

Gazing up the trees

As they stretch towards the sky

I am reminded how small I am

How precious a gift each day truly is

I know I stubbornly cling to this last piece…

Chronic pain and conditions wreak havoc

Testing every aspect with no stone unturned

Every relationship is tried to its bursting point

Faith becomes a precious lifeline…

I have been tested and tried

Beyond anything I could have imagined

reassured with each new day

To continue to…

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