Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

A New Year

As 2019 is well underway, my son and I are now on our own. My husband could no longer handle being around me….as I am a shell of my former self.

This new reality took some time for us to adjust. Now we find ourselves with our own routine…including me joining my boy and the dogs in the Family Room to watch movies or watch him play a video game. The couch provides such a cozy place to relax!

My weight loss has stabilized thankfully! All of the stress wreaked havoc on my all ready weakened body. Fibromyalgia, Polyarthralgia, Spastic Colon, IBS, Sciatica, Sacroiliac Problems, Pelvic Floor Syndrome, and the list goes on. These have taught me to be a fighter!

I hold tight to my Faith, Family and Friends. Having such a great support group helps tremendously!

My focus is on my high schooler and watching him develop into such a terrific young man! I am anxious about the next couple of years as we submit applications to colleges and work with school counselor to apply for scholarships! I know he will qualify for financial aid, yeah!

What great new adventures await us in this New Year?!

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