Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

About My Posts

This site is comprised of primarily original posts.  If I am sharing something that I have discovered on the web that has been helpful to me, I do my best to clearly reference that for the reader.

I am not a medical practitioner.  I am sharing my journey of chronic illness.

Following is an example that was written March 26, 2013 when dealing with tumors on my ovaries…


My doctor called today.  She dicussed my case with her partner. They are both VERY concerned about another major surgery so soon…..especially with the way my body is overreacting. We discussed the possibility of an injection to stop the ovaries….to stop their function which would also stop any growth to the existing tumor.

I feel so bad at this point….felt dropped to my knees, yet again.  I do understand the concerns….I have been through so much (surgery wise) these last couple of years.  It is just discouraging to have a body that is so “unique”…..

I did tell her that I was ready for the injection….I am so wiped out….barely making it through the day. Keeping up with work and family max me out.  All off time has to be spent  off my feet….no chance to play outside….participate in any type of outings.  I will not be back at square one.

There will be more phone calls this week and another doctor appointment next Wednesday.  More pushing….must get the ovary/tumor situation under control to then see if I do indeed have an underlying nerve condition as well.

One step at a time…..time to pray for more strength….more patience to persevere….to meet   this challenge with grace….to somehow offer comfort and support to others who are struggling.

It is hard to describe the feelings….the inner struggle that is battled everyday to maintain some sense of normalcy for those around us….those that rely upon us…..

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