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Well….I ended up causing an abscess when I did that wonderful grinding and clamping of teeth in my sleep about 3 weeks ago!  On Monday of this week, I awoke to a strange feeling along my right jaw line…..sure enough….a swollen nasty-looking lump.

Needless to say….a visit to the Urgent Care for antibiotics….then trip to the dentist the same day.  Dentist has referred me to a specialists since the area involved is all ready crowned and has had a root canal.

SO much fun!  (Yes….sarcasm!!)  LOL

I am really tired of this bulls-eye on my forehead!  Needless to say…the additional fighting of this infection has my energy reserves even lower than normal…..so it is possible to have an energy level that is about the ground level!  Haha

Have to try to keep the humor!  Not sure what will happen at the appointment with the specialist’s this coming Monday.  I just know that it will be exhausting…..just glad that it will be taken care of so quickly!

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