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The wonderful sight that close friends of my Sis and I enjoyed Saturday night!  

We had the most awesome time celebrating and honoring my Baby Sis, Carrie!  

The laughter….the tears…the memories shared!  It was so incredible to see her through their eyes!

My heart is more at peace….although there is a huge hole!  This weekend allowed me the chance to see my Sis…..to feel her….to experience her presence….through those wonderful, precious women that were with me!

It is hard to express!  All I can say…is…WOW!

And…thank you!  Lord, thank you, for sharing my Sis!

I love you, Carrie!  I am so proud of you and all you achieved!  Most of all though, I am blown away with the way you were able to so positively impact everyone you came in contact with!

I will love you always and forever! 

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