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Listen to Your Body

The most difficult thing we learn with chronic illness/conditions is to listen to our body. It does not happen overnight…it takes time…and going through the cycles…then one day you awake to find yourself recognizing the pattern.

I have finally recognized not just one…but several patterns.  The most challenging to me emotionally is the following pattern: long lasting flare (3-4 weeks); severe bladder infection; extreme fatigue; head cold; extreme fatigue; back to my “normal” — resulting in a cycle that can last a couple of months.  Another pattern: flare (1-2 days); extreme fatigue; back to my “normal” — a cycle that will last 1 to 1 1/2 weeks.

Being able to recognize what is happening and what will possibly (or probably) happen next, can allow us to shorten the cycle. No, not always, but it does some times. At the very least, it can calm our minds and lessen our feeling of guilt as we give ourselves permission to rest…take a nap…ask our spouse to bring home pizza…allow a friend to bring over a meal.

It is also important to verbalize what is going on to our immediate family members. I have found this helps our son a great deal! He is reassured and very supportive when I open up…let him understand what is going on and that it is temporary.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still frustrating…we can still wrestle with guilt…as we lay low…allowing our body to rest…using whatever treatments work for us (hot baths, hot tub, sauna, heating pad, etc.).

Take your time…listen to your body…and, most importantly, be patient with yourself!

Self Confidence

One of the biggest challenges in addition to dealing with day to day pain is that of self confidence.  Just think about it!  We are battling constant pain…we can no longer do things we had taken for granted (anything from work to exercise to playing with our kids)…we struggle with our memory and thinking process…some of us like me, have had body alterations (for me a permanent colostomy) that we are thankful for, yet impact our body image…we look fine on the outside yet we know just how badly we are impacted by our conditions/illnesses….the list could go on and on…

The ultimate result? We can find ourselves looking in the mirror before or after a shower and find ourselves feeling hopeless…ugly…fat…you know what I mean! We each have our negative demons that we fight…

This wave of negativity usually goes away pretty quickly…sometimes we have to put a lot of effort in to the fight….other times a distraction (like hearing our children laugh) will help to snap us out of it…

I also know that our lack of confidence can be impacted by the way we dress. If you are like me, you wear loose fitting clothing…I do so because of the pain that the pressure of clothing causes on the skin as well as the fact that layers or loose clothing hide my appliance.

Just know that struggling with self confidence is normal! It is not a sign of weakness….it is part of being human! We are struggling on so many fronts it should not surprise us that our self confidence can take a beating as well!

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