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While dealing with chronic illnesses/conditions, our lives and those around us are impacted. Just like everyone, we can bring positive or negative to our relationships.

I know that our illnesses/conditions bring another layer of stress to our family relationships that others do not have to deal with. Our children often have more responsibility than their peers…our spouses are helping with the upkeep of the house…we often are not able to assist…no matter how much we want to!

It is easy to give in to discouragement, frustration, depression…yet, we can continue to choose optimism, embracing the positive joy our children exhibit, being thankful for all that our children/spouses/friends do for us.

It is hard to adjust from doing all for everyone…to having things done for us.¬†However, I have found that in allowing others to do for me….that I have been blessed….blessed with a deeper respect and love for those closest to me…along with additional friendships.

Also, I have found from talking with those near me that they appreciate the opportunity to help. They benefit from being able to help me! WOW! It truly is a two way street!

It is difficult living with our conditions/illnesses…yet, I feel the one thing that we still have control over is our attitude. So each day I choose to have a good attitude! ¬†(Some days I fail…however, I strive daily to choose positive rather than negative….I guess it is my way to prove that Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS-D/Chronic Fatigue is NOT in control of me!)

Wrestling Match

I am likening the past several days….the past several weeks…actually could say this past year….to a wrestling match!

Each day brings a “new” opponent….some are much stronger….larger…others appear to just toy with me….

The challenge of taking on each day is draining…what little energy reserves are available are quickly taken…

Yet I continue to wrestle with whatever symptoms are attacking on any given day….mental resolve is taxed…..

Yes…there are days that are much harder than others…..when it feels that my body and mind will break….

At those times, when praying….God always finds a way to help restore some mental strength…

It can be in the form of our son and his crazy actions….an email….a text….a phone call…..or our dog gently placing his head on my lap….as if he could feel and understand my pain…

The overwhelming aches….the throbbing and stabbing sensations throughout the body……the muscle spasms…..the headaches….the burning….the intense Fibro Fog….the extreme fatigue…

These continue….each and every moment…..

Yet…there will come a day when I will find some sort of relief….some type of reprieve…if only for a short while…

The Trials of Work

Just as my body started to settle down, I had to assist with the company safety meeting. It meant a sixth workday……even though I could get up and move around (which I did frequently)!

That extra responsibility…..found me home relaxing on the couch this afternoon and evening. Sensations going crazy throughout my body…..arms burning and aching terribly! I did sleep….however, I woke many times due the aching.

Today I had to just rest. My body would not allow me to do much at all today. The big accomplishment was having my son help me make meatballs that we placed in the slow-cooker for dinner. He had so much fun mixing and forming them! And it was a HUGE help for me!

Now….I hope that today’s rest and sleep tonight, will give me a bit of relief for the start of the work week.

The last of my blood work will be done on Tuesday morning. I am so ready! Anxious to find out what additional information my doctor will obtain.

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