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True Thoughts of Loss

What are the “True Thoughts of Loss”?  Really???  It TOTALLY SUCKS!

Truly!  The loss of someone so close….especially in such a sudden tragic way is VERY hard…..

Even with Faith…with belief in a higher power….realizing that God IS God….

It is STILL difficult!  It is just Faith that helps….it gives the strength to know that there IS some greater good…..a good that is BIGGER than we are….that is outside of us….that we cannot see….

We cannot see this BIGGER good because we are TOO close!  We are TOO close to the origin!

I guess that is the TRUE secret!

The knowledge and the true HOPE that our BELOVED has somehow bridged the gap…has SOMEHOW impacted lives in such a way….that even in his/her death….the result is a GREATER impact on ALL those around him/her!

In my case….I have had the TRUE pleasure….the TRUE blessing….of seeing FIRST HAND the HUGE impact that my Sister had on the lives on those around her!

My Sis….is a TRUE living testament to a LIVING…BREATHING…God…..

Thank you Lord for holding my Sis Close!!!

Appointments & Ultrasounds

I now see the colorectal specialist next Wed…..then the following Mon I will undergo several ultrasounds to get as many images of the abdominal area as possible. Then will have apt with my other specialist on Thurs….

Hoping this will result in some answers. Lot’s of questions right now…could this be scar tissue….any chance it is the mesh material….are the nerves just continuing to fire? With my body seems that anything is possible! From experience I know that the least likely scenario…or most rare/extreme option tends to have my name on it!

It is a challenge to continue taking the pain meds….just treating it like the new routine….must keep up on them until I can get through this next round of appointments and tests.

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