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Underwent multiple ultrasounds today.  Due to the discomfort all ready throughout my abdomen……the ultrasounds were not a “comfortable” ordeal.  Technician was able to confirm that good images were taken….of course, as most of you all ready know….they really are not supposed to say anything else beyond that.

Felt quite sick once it was over…..had to just hang out for a while as I couldn’t even think of eating let alone getting in the car for the trip home.  Tummy settled enough to eat…..made it home to just lie down and relax.

Now time to wait for doctor appointment on Thursday where we will review the ultrasound results.  Also, will have a few more days of meds in system.

Positive note….I have been able to sleep the last 3 nights.  So that side effect of the meds is a good one.  Been well over a month since I could sleep for more than 3 hours.  Definitely good to get the chance to get some much needed rest!  Now to just get some more answers.

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