Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

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Chronic Pain

There are many lessons learned

Along the path of pain.

We embrace a new day

The person we were exists no more.

We need not fear

For we are not alone.

We appreciate more deeply

The slight reduction of a head ache.

Our heart leaps with joy

To go for a ride in the car.

Tears well up inside

At the random acts of kindness.

The intensity will vary

New symptoms will appear.

We are stronger

Than we give ourselves credit.


It is present

It is on the fringe…

New symptoms

Rear their head…

Isolated and alone

We pray to our Heavenly Father…

Our body

Becomes a prison…

Trembling and tingling

Unsteadiness abound…

At that time

Fear grows…

Reading scripture

Quiet whispered prayers…

Looking out the window

The distraction of falling leaves…

For a moment

The world is still…

Then thoughts swirl

Eyes cannot focus…

There is a quiet calm

Fear has receded…

The symptoms still strong

Courage now a soft blanket…

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