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Fibromyalgia’s “Ripple” Effect

As anyone with a chronic illness or condition knows, our families are impacted by our illness/condition.  I know I have written about this before.  However, with my latest struggle with Polyarthralgia and Fibromyalgia it is top of mind.

My symptoms have really been flaring!  It has been extremely difficult to get through the day.  This last week I experienced great difficulty in coordination and in walking.  These are symptoms that I cannot hide.  I can only smile and attempt to be as graceful as possible! Haha

My son asks “Mom, are you okay?” a lot!  I continue to reassure him that I am okay.  That I am just struggling with my illness at that time.  I reassure him that my doctor is working on the correct combination of medications for me to help get my body under control.  I just take the time to answer any questions that he might have.

I have learned to better communicate with my hubby also.  It is so important to say “I hurt all over” than to say “I am fine”.  I am finding that the honest communication is responded to better than trying to “gloss” things over.  Afterall, things are not “fine” at the moment.  And, most importantly, I need the support of those around me….especially my family!

Traveling the road of chronic illness is not easy!  It is not easy for our families or our friends!  It is difficult in our work situations (if we are able to work).

For me, I have found being able to open up and speak up about how I am feeling is a help.  It does not take away the pain or any of the symptoms…..it helps ease my mind……lets me rest easier.  

My family knows that once these symptoms are under control that I will be able to refocus on how to best juggle those activities that we all enjoy.  Right now, I will take my son sitting next to me on the couch as we watch a movie….helping him study for a test while we are relaxing on the couch……playing a game of Yatzhee when I can. I can let my hubby and son help me….which is also good for all of us.

I am ready to be further on this current path!  Yet….the experience of my medical history has demonstrated that patience, prayer and perseverence should be my focus.  Family, work and other obligations (as I can manage) are the distractions that get me through!

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