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Day to Day Battle

The reality of living with a chronic condition like Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/etc. is difficult to explain to someone on the “outside”….someone who is not dealing with our day to day battle.

The past couple of days (including today), I have been dealing with the overwhelming fatigue that attacks for no reason! The kind that makes it virtually impossible to keep your eyes open. Going to bed early…taking a 3-4 hour nap….then able to go to sleep early….to sleep in and do it all over again!  Taking SO much effort to just open eyes and get out of bed.

My body has been so achy….so heavy….so tired! Thankful for the pain medicine that has been added to my arsenal…imagine how bad I would be feeling without it!

My body has been running the gamete of symptoms though…..the aching, stabbing, throbbing, cramping, extreme weakness, severe Fibro Fog, numbness and tingling, insomnia coupled with the inability to wake up (what kind of a twist is that!)…feet aching and stabbing so bad it is hard to put weight on them!  Even elevated there is no relief.

Our conditions are made worse by the fact that most of us appear “completely normal” on the outside! Would be so helpful if there was a way to truly measure our illnesses/conditions so they could be seen by our health care providers, our families and friends!

I know that I force myself out of bed each day….force myself to get dressed…even if I can do nothing more than to lie on the couch or recline in my chair….just getting dressed helps me to feel that I have accomplished something. It gives confidence!

That bit of confidence helps on days like today….when I feel that I am losing the battle! After all….tomorrow will be another day…

Voc Rehab

My advocate for Social Security Disability…..yes…we are still fighting to obtain disability for me….suggested that I set an appointment with the local Vocational Rehabilitation Office.

I have an appointment on Tuesday.  With my Hubby’s help, managed to complete the questionnaire that they require to bring along.  I found it quite interesting that they do not do any type of home visits!  Thankful that my Hubby will be able to take me to the appointment.

I asked our son if he thought they would be able to find something that I could do.  He said, “Yes…if they are like the Social Security Administration….man, Mom….I KNOW you can’t do anything!”  I then told him that I would be meeting face-to-face with a real person for this.  He quickly changed his tune then.  “Mom, they won’t be able to find anything that you can do!!”

So yes…a little nervous….glad that I will have an opportunity to meet face-to-face with a person and possibly get more support for my disability case. What a long, tough road!!!

Carrie Murray

I am so proud of my sister!  She had such an impact on those around her!

Please help me to honor her by viewing the following site!

My Baby Sis….my “CareBear”….impacted people in a wonderful and large way!

There is no better testament….no better way to help those left behind.

Thank you, Sis!

The Cross We Bear

Dealing with a chronic illness or condition is a tough reality. The pain and symptoms are esquisitely vivid for us as we are the ones experiencing them. 

Those around us….our families, our friends, and coworkers are forced to watch. They are on the outside….wishing that they could apply a band aid or rub on a special ointment that would magically take it all away. 

At times…we too wish for that “magical balm”….wish that it would just go away!  We ask ourselves “Why?”….”What makes me so special?”

Then we refocus. We might be overwhelmed by the sensations and pain currently wracking our bodies….like I am feeling today.  But there is something to help distract….tonight? I got to bake a cake for my hubby’s birthday (which is tomorrow)!

Now under a heated blanket, my body is completely restless….sensations and pain are still overwhelming. Not sure if sleep will be possibile….for sure it will be a “fitful sleep”.

We have been given a unique challenge….those of us tasked with a chronic condition!  And…as we always do….we will continue to push forward…to focus on the fact that “This Too Shall Pass”….that tomorrow or the next day will offer us a slight reprieve….

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