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One week of work under my belt! Yes….there were up and downs….body is definitely in control and on its own time schedule. My mind is feeling more relaxed…it has helped so much to have that interaction…..

This has proven a huge accomplishment for me! It has proven that I am on the road to recovery. It has provided an increased sense of confidence. Even though it has been wearing…..taxing….

It has also been a reality check…a glimpse into the near future as I continue to heal.

A Great Day

What a day! I was able to get several projects completed for work (must appreciate this computer age and working remotely), walked for a total of 40 minutes outside (2 – 15 min walks followed by a 10 min), stood and watched our son explore some tunnels in the brush, and caught up the reconciliation of our personal checking account!

I still can’t believe I accomplished all that in one day! I am definitely feeling it now. So am resting…..soon it will be time to heat up left overs for dinner. Then relax to a movie and get another good night’s sleep (thanks to our new bed)!

I again am so thrilled at the resiliency of our son! He is still outdoors with the camera…..filming episodes of his latest outdoor adventure project! To see him so relaxed….so into assisting his Dad with the care of the pheasants and building their outdoor pen….and then turning his energy into imaginative play with his dog at his side!

I could not ask for more! Prayers have been answered…..so many blessings….I am just overwhelmed.

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