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Now I must put on my “Mom” hat!  You can read this as “Dad” or whatever your relationship is to the child(ren) in your life!  Again…I can only write from my view….as a Mom…..a Mom who is concerned about her only son.

Our son who is almost 11…..has been talking about his arms….his shoulders….his legs…..hurting.  I had been associating this with “growing” pains……however, the other day….when he traced on his arms where he was hurting, I quickly hid my surprise!  He was tracing EXACTLY where my arms hurt and desperately ache every day!  His shoulder complaint?  Yes…it matches mine.  His leg pain…..strangely mimicks mine also.  Is this coincidence?  I have spoken about my ailment…..but I have not told our son specifically where and what hurts…..nor have I told him how it feels.  I have just told him that I hurt all over…..or that my arms hurt….without specifics.

Is this coincidence?  Or?  Is our son showing signs of inheriting this chronic condition from me?  Could he have Juvenile Fibromyalgia?  Thankfully he has an appointment with his doctor in less then a month.  I want to raise this concern.  I want to discuss this possibility.

I do not want to read more into this than there is……however, I am very aware of the real truth.  Our son is at risk…..he is at risk for issues with his intestines due to his being premature and my issues (Spastic Sphincter, Spastic Colon, IBS)….afterall,….it was H.E.L.L.P. Syndrome that caused his little body that was forming in the womb to stop its growth and just go into protection mode!  (I know I was the 3rd worst case in the State of Oregon…..I know that I was not expected to survive….)  

I also know that all of the conditions that have afflicted my intestinal tract can be passed on to our son.  Who, yes, is at greater risk because he was premature!

The leep to be concerned about the sharing of this Fibromyalgia is not so great!  The good?!  From what I have read (yes….from medical sites), if that is truly what is going on (and not just simple “growing pains”)…..he has a much better chance than I in getting it under control and having the opportunity of it truly going into remission!

So….now I quietly pray.  I truly hope that I have not passed ANY of my crazy ailments/illnesses/conditions to our son!  Yet, I know….I cannot control any of this!  I must relax and not allow myself to worry!  I must arm myself with questions…..pose them appropriately to our son’s doctor….and continue to monitor…..to watch. 

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