Embracing life with chronic pain.

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Fruit And Choices


Living with chronic illness/chronic pain has been a gift …

God has so blessed me during this time…

It has NOT been easy…

So thankful for supportive family and friends…

I was reminded today

As we were joined by friends

I supervised from the seat of my RAZR…

Our lives bear fruit

As we were taught in Sunday School

The parable of the vineyard…

How the vines are pruned

To produce fruit…

I view my health struggles

As God’s pruning…

He has a plan for me…

Just as He does for each of us…

I look at the beautiful cherries

And am hopeful that

I will be blessed with fruit

That I will be able to

Offer hope to others…


Regaining Life

Upon returning to “normal”, I am faced with a new dilemma. What is “normal”?

My prior sick self had its definition…..its idea of what normal should be.

My body before illness overwhelmed had its own idea.

Now…..having endured the years of pain…struggle….

Although laced with awesome achievement….like the wonderful gift of our son……

I am now struck….who ever thought of the idea of “normal”….let alone the idea of what to expect for one’s life?

Life is truly how we embrace our daily challenges…our decisions….how we interact with those around us.

Most importantly….it is taking back our “right” to experience our life with our loves ones…..our family….our friends…..and in reaching out to those around us.

I Just Have to Smile

As if working my first 6 hour per day week was not enough……I noticed that my right leg was not wanting to move properly. I was just contributing this to the swelling moving around….the healing that is still occurring. Then my husband said….isn’t that where your shingles act up?

Of course he had a point! I have also had many episodes of shingles (this would make 6)….and the right groin area is always the lead! I started my drug treatments for shingles to find that I am having relief! My leg is moving better….albeit by end of day today my leg was “lazy”…..but then so was my tummy! LOL

My entire body is tired. And as my husband put it….”Your body has been so overtaxed….so overwhelmed by all it has gone through……no wonder your shingles are acting up!”

Now I am forcing myself to sit and relax. I am in my easy chair…..catching up on email and, of course, blogging! It is so hard for me to sit idle when I feel that I should be on the up side of healing. Yet….I am being shown AGAIN that my body is unique….that I have to be cautious of all aspects of my health….that I must allow my body to fully recover….recoup from these ordeals!

Thankfully….my meds are helping. It is making a big difference in my right leg…..further acknowledging that my shingles were “visiting” again! Crazy! It also further reinforces that my sense of pain is so out of whack! I do not even register the discomfort. I just know something is wrong. Just so glad that I have a wonderful husband who can be so intuitive! So helpful!

I now as stated above…just have to smile! I am blessed! God continues to show me that! I am blessed with a wonderful, caring husband…..an awesome, caring son…..terrific friends and co-workers…..and fantastic family!

My body just makes me slow down……forces me to take time to enjoy the blessings that God has provided.

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