Embracing life with chronic pain.

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Beauty and Tranquillity 



Hidden Beauty 

Soft Blanket


The soft white flecks

Growing in size

Cascading and dancing

Their way to the ground…

Glistening in the sun

Reflecting such brightness

Pure white

In silence covers

All as a blanket…

The dancing snowflakes

Caught by the breeze

To and fro

Up and down…

Gently falling

Silently joining

Their brothers and sisters

As a soft blanket of white…

Fire in the Sky

img_6988The brilliant shine

Igniting the sky above…

Clouds glowing

As if molten hot…

The mountains dark

Standing tall and chilled…

The clouds are outlined

As with the artist’s brush…

Breath is paused

While taking in God’s canvas…

The “Aloneness” of Pain

The img_6916vision of the Aspens

Naked and stripped of leaves…

Intertwined with the evergreens

The Spruce, Fir and Pine…

Speak of us with chronic illness

As we interact with the healthy…

Our lives have been stripped

Of what others call “normal”…

Days once filled with activity,

With motion and movement are slowed…

Our conditions cannot be seen

As we often appear to be fine…

Our struggle is with the unseen,

That which has made a stronghold within…

Yet as the Aspen are connected,

Pain has united strangers…

Often we feel alone and separated

Because we cannot participate…

Let us empower each other

To know we are not on our own…


Overcoming Frustration

Chronic illness…pain…conditions

Are often tied to frustration.

Slowly or suddenly

Life is changed.

The smallest of tasks

Becomes a massive mountain.

Obstacles are magnified

As we struggle for relief.

Our illness…pain…conditions

Are not understood by medicine.

Some conditions have

More solutions or rather resources than others.

We struggle with doctors

With specialists that do not believe.

Some of us educate them

Truly proving that these conditions exist.

We fight frustration

As we try medications….treatments.

Each of our bodies

React and exhibit symptoms differently.

The vast spectrum

Blurs and confuses.

Commercials bombard loved ones

Convincing them of “miracle drugs”.

Yet we have strength

We have others like ourselves.

As we join and share

We speak to ease our frustration.

We can overcome the negative

Even while trapped.

Trapped within a body

We no longer understand.

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