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Reality Setting In

I had my second Ketamine Infusion on Friday…..so far my body is not responding at all like the first time.  Yes…I did spend the weekend sleeping…just like the first time….yet by now I was feeling some change in symptoms.

Yesterday the burning just kept escalating!  It was so overwhelming that I just had to give up and curl up in bed at 5:30 PM last night!  Curled up and kept praying to be able to relax…to rest….to somehow get the intense burning and overly sensitive skin to calm….it took hours before I was able to finally give in and sleep…

Today I am still experiencing the burning on my right side….having nasty cramps in my right wrist and left foot!  My chest hurts so much….just from the pressure of my light weight shirt!

I feel the tears….I want to cry!  Yet…that would help nothing!

I can only wait for the next day or two…to see if there will be any positive change in symptoms…

Ketamine Infusion — 3 Weeks Later

As I had previous posted, the Ketamine Infusion had changed up my symptoms.  This afternoon we did something as a family that we rarely do….we went to the movies!  Yes went to the earliest Matinee showing…and yes…I took a nap before we went.

Sitting through a movie is not pleasant. Constantly fidgeting…shifting because of the discomfort. Then…BAM….my body came out of the little bit of a protective cover that the treatment had provided. It took all my effort and focus to not start screaming…..all I could do was shift….try to watch the movie….shift….

The burning sensations became so overwhelming…so fast…..my body is still on fire….clothing hurts (it is causing stabbing sensations into my chest)….throbbing….numbness and tingling are more intense…..no need to continue.

I will be checking in with my pain specialist this week to review where I am….to find out if he thinks another infusion will possibly provide a bit better relief….will be interesting to hear what he thinks.

For now….I must say it was wonderful having a brief period of time that allowed me to have that lower pain level….Level 10!  Now I am ramping back to what I would tell the nurse is a 20!

After The Ketamine Infusion

Friday was the Ketamine Infusion….I was sedated and kept asleep the entire time. Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day sleeping. I could just not stay awake! I went to bed early last night and slept hard.

It has been amazing to really sleep….even if it is the result of the medications in my system! LOL

Today I am still groggy….however, I do not feel disoriented like I was yesterday. I am also noticing that my pain has changed….the edge has been removed…the intense stabbing and throbbing has calmed….

I feel aching in my feet….I still have numbness and tingling all over….I can only say that there is a difference….

It is hard to find words to express….I can only attempt to relay that this has actually helped me.  I don’t know how long it will last….I don’t know when my next infusion will be.

I will continue to update….and write more when my brain is not so blurred!!  LOL

The Day After

Wow! It is the day after the Ketamine Infusion! The process officially started with the knockout drug in the IV at about 8:34 am! The nurses smiled and said that they would keep me asleep during the entire treatment. 

I awoke very groggy about 7pm with Hubby and son in the room. Managed to get dressed and wheeled to the car. I remember my Hubby waking me up…asking something about Chicken Fries…then being told walk up and eat….somehow I ate the chicken….

I remember my Hubby trying help me get a t-shirt on….then nothing until 6:33am this morning!!

I am still very groggy….out of it. As I get more wits about me I will share any difference that I feel in my body. 

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