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What a beautiful memorial to my sis!  A wonderful sunny day….there was a slight breeze.  

Only a couple of rigs drove by while we were standing and taking this in.  

I wasn’t sure I was ready….so glad that we took the detour!  I am ready to go back….armed with flowers!

Love you, Sis! 


I find myself in a strange place….a strange plane of existence…..I am here…my husband and son….my brothers and their wives….our parents…

Absent is my sister’s voice…her laugh…her direct impact on all those around. 

I reach for my phone….no use!  I cannot call her…..she cannot answer…I can look to the sky….I can close my eyes and feel her presence!

No longer present in the physical realm.  Yet….we left behind can only reach out and touch physically!  

I want to talk with my sis….I want to give her a huge hug….to tell her again that I love her!

I can only close my eyes and see in my minds eye out last interaction….her laugh….her eyes aglow!  Full of life!  The hugs and I Love You’s! 

Now so strange. I have my wonderful husband and son by my side….yet there is an emptiness that will not be filled….that part of me that was lost when you were taken from us!

I know I am going through the “normal” cycle of grief.  I bet though….no one considers themselves “normal” when working through the new reality of life….the reality that our precious loved one is no longer with us in the physical present.  

We have the precious memories…the life and events that we shared….we do not have the future. 

We look to our faith to keep us together…to join our today and our tomorrow with our loved one that has departed!

Carrie Murray

I am so proud of my sister!  She had such an impact on those around her!

Please help me to honor her by viewing the following site!

My Baby Sis….my “CareBear”….impacted people in a wonderful and large way!

There is no better testament….no better way to help those left behind.

Thank you, Sis!

My Heart Is Broken!

My  Baby Sis was killed in a motorcycle vs pick up accident on Sunday!

We were there last night to spend time with her boyfriend…the love of her life….and then to see her…to say our good-byes. 

Nothing in life could have prepared me for this! I always expected that I would go long before she would!

She lived a very full life! Graduating with Honors from John’s Hopkins University…..then year’s later graduating first in her class from University of Oregon Law School!

Yes! She was brilliant! She was loving, fun, full of life!  

My heart aches.,..yet I know that Heaven now has a wonderful, powerful Angel in their midst!

I just wish I could have given her one more hug…one more kiss…one more “I love you”.

Love you, Sis!  Now….and forever….

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