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The “Aloneness” of Pain

The img_6916vision of the Aspens

Naked and stripped of leaves…

Intertwined with the evergreens

The Spruce, Fir and Pine…

Speak of us with chronic illness

As we interact with the healthy…

Our lives have been stripped

Of what others call “normal”…

Days once filled with activity,

With motion and movement are slowed…

Our conditions cannot be seen

As we often appear to be fine…

Our struggle is with the unseen,

That which has made a stronghold within…

Yet as the Aspen are connected,

Pain has united strangers…

Often we feel alone and separated

Because we cannot participate…

Let us empower each other

To know we are not on our own…


“How Great Thou Art”

Out in the early hours of opening day, riding in the truck with my husband, I was overwhelmed by the beauty around us.


“How Great Thou Art” kept playing in my mind.

The trees in their many shades of Fall against the deep, dark colors of the evergreens. The blue of the sky with the white and gray clouds floating on high.

The wind that was twisting and bending the grasses.

Watching the hawks with wings spread riding the currents with no need to use their own power.  Up and down they coursed, as if dancing with an unseen partner.

Squirrels darting to and fro…racing up the trunks of a tree…running across the dirt road with tail high…to perch on a fallen branch.

Hearing the “Quakers”…those aspens whose leaves and branches are shaking in the wind…ever shifting….writhing…motion unstoppable….caught up in the ever moving breeze.

The magnitude of the beauty that surrounds us…the vibrancy of all the colors…the power of the wind…the greatness of it all…

Continued to expound…”How Great Thou Art”.



The sudden death of my sister has been overwhelming!  My parents and brothers would completely agree!  I can only attempt to share her life by posting a “tatoo”on my truck!  

I hope that ALL that see this….stop to remember…..everyone that is close to him/her!  To know that family and friends are NOT to be taken for granted!  We do NOT know how much time we are gifted!


An Amazing Day


A wonderful start to the day!  My Baby Sister had collected her hair from her first haircut until about the age of 6 for our Grandfather….Grandpa Joe….how had always been bald!  She wanted to give him hair!

When going through drawers at her house, I found where she had her “hair stash”!  Decided it would be best to take it and finally give it to Grandpa.

So….yesterday, Saturday….I met up with her longtime, childhood best friend.  We sat on Grandpa and Grandma’s grave and cut up Carrie’s hair!

We laughed and talked…..enjoyed the fact that they were all laughing down upon us as we saw her final wish come to fruition!  Grandpa would enjoy the wonderful hair she had so carefully gathered for him!

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