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Stress and IBS

I am sure that I will be preaching to the choir here!

I have learned something more from my body….from the many health challenges that I have experienced…..from experiencing issues that I had to educate my physicians…..

Stress is beyond our control! It is the one element that we cannot dictate….we cannot completely control our exposure to it. We have limited input….we do our best to reduce the stress in our lives….to protect ourselves as much as possible.

The reality….what we experience at work….in life….some stress is easier to control….to deal with than others. Our bodies react more so to some situations than others.

We also have to focus on what is important! Our families….our kids….our spouses…..

We must also try to balance physical activity to promote our own individual personal health. Such a frustrating balancing act at times! Especially when we are trying to regain control! Trying to improve our physical strength/health….improve our time with our family……to just regain a sense of ourselves after dealing with so many years of struggling with serious health issues.

Personally, I have found that the stress from work is the part that I cannot control. The knots in my stomach…the pressure in my gut…is caused by the stress induced by things completely outside of my control. I can do nothing! I can only focus on the time with my hubby and son…..game nights, walking our property in search for tracks and hearing our son’s theories…these are the tools that I use to chase away the stress!

I also use physical activity….walking on the elliptical…lifting weights…..hiking the property…..although I cannot use these options as much as I’d like….I am working towards setting more time aside for me…these physical outlets will help to burn energy…to help to combat stress.

One other key stress release for my is being able to shoot bows with our son. It is such a wonderful stress relief……to breathe….focus on the target…..draw…breathe…then release. We have fun with different challenges.

We have to learn the best way to react….to respond to our body’s response to stress. I wish there was a magic cure….

Ultimately…I wish that none of us would have to deal with issues of stress for our bodies…..

First Family Vacation


My longtime dream of a road trip as a family! After all the years and health battles!

Having the opportunity of making a dream come true for our son! We pulled off a complete surprise…..drove to Boise, ID where we enjoyed a Boise Hawks Opening baseball game….our son scored two balls! One practice and one official game ball!!

Then on to Vernal, UT where we visited Dinosaur National Monument! The Wall of Bones and walking tour were awesome! Visited the Natural History Museum….then got to do some of our own fossil hunting! Our son was beside himself! So much fun!

Now we are in Kemmerer, WY! We visited the Fossil Butte National Monument Visitor Center! Wow! More fossils….fish, freshwater stingray, alligator, etc. Wandered around fossil and gem shops. Tomorrow we go to a quarry to dig our own fossils!

We have travelled over 1200 miles…..I have been able to manage my special diet (Low FODMAP)….and my colostomy hasn’t been an issue.

We have enjoyed swimming in the pools at the motels. Tonight even relaxed in the jacuzzi for a short time! Yeah!!!

We are all relaxing and looking forward to the last few days of a fabulous time!!!!!

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