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This is dedicated to all those fellow Ostomates! The long road that has been traveled to bring us to the point of “rejoining” the living! To be to the point that we have returned to our lives!

Day to day living….going out for a road trip….planning a vacation….all things most people wouldn’t give a second glance….however, if you have had to undergo surgery…especially some type of a stoma surgery, these concepts are forever altered.

I am a proud permanent, colostomate. However, I was very nervous with our first family vacation. So excited and empowered by its success!

Road trips have been a joy! Yet, I was just reminded that my Ostomy can rear its head and remind me that I must pay attention. If I feel that pulling and itching sensation, I must speak up and say “please, pull over”.

Things were going very well! Then last week when returning from my parents, I wanted to ignore that itchy/pushing sensation. My hubby noticed my hand on my tummy. We pulled over at the next wide spot…..

Needless to say…output was overpowering my stoma….I changed my bag…knowing that I had just enough time to get home to completely change my baseplate and bag.

Even being healthy….being able to achieve more than I have in a long time….I know that I have to continue to pay attention to my body.

I cannot take anything for granted. I must truly appreciate every opportunity and continue to challenge myself!

This is the time to embrace each day and to enjoy each new challenge!

My body is very different now. I have been “re-plumbed”….altered….

Now it is time to continue to strengthen….to exercise and become stronger. To show that all the struggle…the pain…leads to a new beginning. To the opportunity of a life that has no limits!

At least no limit as long as one has necessary supplies on hand! LOL

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