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Awesome Morning

We went out early again to hunt elk. We spotted them at the top of a ridge line. After watching them for a while, we had an idea of where they would go.

Once again, we headed down a hill and headed up another hill…..working our way to a small clearing where we hoped they would come to….that they would use this as their way to head back up to the tall timber.

We nestled ourselves among the trees and listened. We were waiting to hear the breaking of branches….the movement of the reprod as the herd would make its way down the hillside.

After about 30 or so minutes, we heard it! A snap followed by movement. Two deer broke out of the reprod in front of us….we looked up to see the back of the first elk working its way down.

Then the small clearing came to life! Within 40 yards of us were 30 cow elk and 3 small spike bull elk! Wow!

My husband did a cow call. They stopped and looked around. It was awesome! So many elk….so close!

After a brief pause, they continued their next climb….disappearing into more reprod to work their way to the tall timber.

We were so excited! Our son’s first comment was “we should have gotten that on video”!

Yes! Excitement and high fives! What an awesome way to start a day. To be able to share such a fantastic experience together as a family!

Our son witnessed a valuable lesson today. The joy and beauty of the hunt is not always measured by filling a tag….it is the experiences like this that most others will never witness….and to be able to share this precious memory!

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