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Managing Day to Day

I  am sure that I am not the first nor the last dealing with long-term health issues that pushes too hard….to far…at times.  Then of course…we do as I am now…”paying the piper”….sitting with the heating pad….knowing it really isn’t doing much….just not looking forward to the weight of a blanket on the side that cannot be touched.

I would do it again in a heart beat!  I want to meet my obligations at work….there are set things that I cannot hand off.  Then the most important part of the day comes after work!  Watching my son play baseball!  I know we will be disrupted by another hospital stay all to soon…I just cannot bear missing a moment cheering…..watching….participating!

I know tonight will bring little sleep.  I will turn in into prayer and meditation time….afterall…just relaxing will help to provide energy for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be more low-key….no game…no important meetings at work…..just the best part of the evening…Cub Scouts!  Smiling happy faces…the boys laughing and enjoying each other…learning and growing!

This is the daily struggle…the day to day that we “manage”……as we as parents…..manage our illness/sickness/pain…..our children do not realize the powerful role THEY play.  Our kids are our inspiration…..our joy….our angels….that assist us each day.  Overpowering the bad with the good….providing the “misdirection” that we need to lose focus on what we ourselves are dealing with….taking us “above and beyond”.

Insurance Update

Well….low and behold…my hiccup was actually caused by doctor’s staff.  Person responsible to place the order for the Lupron did not follow through.  Found this all out when going to appointment with my other specialist (colorectal specialist).  Talk about frustrating!

The positive side is my colorectal specialist is in full support of the Lupron injection.  He is hoping, like I am, that the injection along with the Neurontin will take care of the pain/discomfort I am in right now.

He said he will be in total support of removal of the ovaries and tumor if the injection is successful. It will mean that we have found the “culprit”!  Now I am anxiously awaiting the call to set up the appointment.  I will most certainly call my other doctor’s office Monday morning if I do not hear anything tomorrow!

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