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The Wonders of Technology!!!

It is amazing to me that what I write on my Blog is read by anyone….anywhere….all OVER the world!!!  WOW!!!Place into perspective……I was one of the first in my class to be allowed to have the opportunity to have computers!  First EVER in our Middle School….few will remember the TRS 80!  Where we recorded our initials to a cassette tape!  YES!  This is true!

This was the beginning!  We take SO much for granted now!  I mean….the progression….5″ floppy drives…..then the actual 3″ disk drives!  Not to mention the fact that hard drives when from 20 MG to now 1 G!!!!

It is exactly like when I told my baby brother that music was recorded on records!  He didn’t know what vinyl was!  I grew up with vinyl records!  Yes!!!! I am NOT ashamed of that!  LOL

I had 68’s and 72’s!  (Do you know what that means????)

I loved listening to my “vinyl” records!  Yet…by the time my baby brother and sister were born….they had NO idea!

They did not know that 5″ disks…let alone anything other than a 3″ disk existed.  Even that did not last long!

I sit here….amazed at how fast technology has changed…..think of it…..in the 1960s….a super computer would take up an entire floor…..now we take for granted that a 1 terabyte drive will easily sit on our desk!


I am thankful for the progress……don’t take me wrong…..it just means….that we have VERY different perspectives!  For instance….my youngest brother has no idea about “vinyl”…when it comes to music….

Yet….I remember vinyl…..8-track tape….cassette…..CD!

Think about it…..our children will really have NO idea what it is like to actually have to do everything on their own….they will have NO idea of all the historical steps that took place in order to get us to this place….to where we come to expect HDTV everywhere….to expect streaming video….to have this craziness…..which is now considered normal!

How do we prepare our children…..in this current world….that videos……video games….etc. are the norm…….for the past?

Dealing with Nerve Pain

Had a good doctor appointment today. Indications are that the current pain and discomfort in my abdomen is nerves continuing to fire even though the internal problem is taken care of.

I had additional lab work done (want to rule out a kidney infection also). Will still have several ultrasounds next Monday….they want to make sure that there is not something hidden and follow up appointment on Thursday.

I am now taking on of the Neurontin meds….will be ramping up to dosage doc thinks will help to knock this out! Fingers crossed! Would love to have the last of this roller coaster finished!

Spoke with Doctor Today

Well…my story is not yet over. The additional fluid build up that we anticipated was happening is not the case. CT Scan showed no additional fluid…just the small amount we knew was left.

I am once again causing my docs to scratch their heads. I could be dealing with residual nerve pain….the nerves continuing to fire even though situation is cleared up….will be seeing my other specialist…just waiting for appointment time. Docs are also talking…in the mean time, I have to take pain meds….am told that I must keep on top of the discomfort.

I am not good about taking drugs. I have always just focused my mind and selected to “ignore”…however, with current situation it is not in my best interest so I will pick up my meds in the morning and do as doc asked.

Hopefully adding the drug treatment until we can get what is going on truly diagnosed, will allow me to get some much needed rest. I know the reduced sleep is never good. Must sleep to allow the body to recover. What a crazy cycle our body’s can get into!

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