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Let’s Be Honest!

Moms and Dads…let’s be honest!  As parents we want to be at our best always for our kids! We never want to admit that we do not feel good….let alone that our bodies are screaming at us to stop…we know that we have to keep going…our kids need us to continue on.  We hide our tears…our pain.

We don’t want anyone to know how bad…or how hard it is for us to continue…to make it through the day.  We can’t explain the pain…we can’t explain that we can’t tell you the truth….we can’t admit that we might want to throw up our hands.  Never!   We just smile…we move on…one step at a time.  We draw our strength from those around us and our Faith.  We know that we are not alone….that there truly is a purpose to what we are going through.  God tests each of us…..how we respond is the key.

I might feel like crying at the end of the day….I won’t…I chose to attend Cub Scouts with our son after work.  I wanted to be Mom…to be present…to see what he and his friends were doing firsthand…..No, I did not participate…thankfully, his Dad could….BUT I did not miss it!

Hang in there!  Our daily struggles keep us human….we understand more than most the meaning of sacrifice…..and we also have the opportunity to demonstrate in so many ways that we love…that we are present…in the moment with our kids…..

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