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I have experienced so much during this struggle with Fibromyalgia/Polyarthralgia/Chronic Pain Disorder/IBS/etc.

IMG_3274Yet I have found the most wonderful blessing hidden within this!

The best gift ever….from my Sister-In-Law…the wheelchair obtained for my Baby Sis Funeral!

This chair has seen me through the lowest of times! It is ever with me….allowing me to be out and about with my family.

It has also opened SO many doors! ¬†People stop and share their stories with us….they share a smile….a laugh….a tear….

This chair has become a wonderful opportunity to interact with individuals who would never let on that they too have battled….have dealt with health or other issues.

I was reminded of this again today when we stopped into a small local shop we had not yet visited. ¬†Upon seeing me, the owner immediately started to relate….to talk about his struggle….to offer me support…..

I am beyond humbled….and SO thankful for the hidden blessings in this condition!!


My mind won’t let me rest without writing a quick update! Went to the doctor today and received a diagnosis. I have Polyarthalgia with Fibromyalgia! Thus the intense pain all over. (Yes…typing this is a challenge tonight!)

I filled my prescription today. Starting on a low dose of Cymbalta…..will evaluate how body is responding to it over the next 4-6 weeks.

I will have some additional blood work in February. Doctor wants to check out a few other additional possibilities. She wants to rule out other conditions so she will be checking my parathyroid and metabolic rates.

Very tired by end of day! I am to keep active….yet not overdo…..supposed to try to rest at night. Quite the quandary as those of you who have dealt with chronic pain know! We must rest for our bodies to heal….yet the pain cycle interferes with our ability to get quality rest!

I am on yet another mission! Time to read and learn all I can about my newest diagnosis…..then I can pay attention to my body and learn how to regulate my activities to find that balance of being active and yet not overdoing it! While being patient as I must allow my body the time to settle down……

Another journey! More lessons!

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