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The Glistening Ray

Looking out the window

I watch the leaves dance

In the gentle breeze…

Moving to and fro

The shades of color shift

From dark to light and back again…

The sun’s rays make the leaves glow

Reflecting the rays like colored mirrors

The radiance adding depth to the color…

The rays permeate the trees

Cascading through the leaves

To dissipate into the depths…

My eyes are drawn back

To those top most leaves

Dancing with the rays of the sun…


The beauty of the sky

The myriad of colors

The sounds of life abound

Even with the ever ringing in the ears…

It is as if I had been in a lifetime slumber

My senses forever dulled

Reaching upwards for help

While overwhelmed in quicksand…

Illness strips us of the familiar

We are thrust into the unknown

Each step taken as with a blindfold

Hands outstretched groping in darkness…

Our medical teams struggle

Conditions and illnesses so misunderstood

Further muddled by myriad of symptoms

Each of us so different from the other…

We search for answers

Yet try as we might

We find health elusive

Stripped from us and locked away

Secreted in the darkest, farthest corner…

We are tried and tested in ways indescribable

As words are a shallow testament

To the inner symptoms that abound

Forever changing and challenging…



Walls so familiar

Known by touch

As they prevent a fall

Become prison like

When confined for length of time…

There is safety here

Albeit superficial

As it cannot prevent dizziness

The hand holds are a comfort

To catch and to prevent harm…

Eyes unfocused

Through a thick veil of fog

I shuffle to my chair

Sunshine brightens the room…pexels-photo-48828

The warmth of the rays

Reaching through the window

Allow my mind’s eye

To envision the shore…

I hear the water

In the fast flowing stream

Rushing past, racing ahead

Free and untethered…

Wave upon wave has hit

Driving my backwards

The sun offers hope

Its warmth reassurance

As I slowly move ahead…

A knock on the door

The bright smile of a friend

The exchange of hugs

To sit and talk

The walls dissolve…

No longer a prison

The walls provide safety

To allow much needed rest

To help increase strength

Albeit slowly…

Mindset is recharged

Embracing the colors

The small buds on the trees

The retreating snow

A body at peace…




The Eyes of a Puppy

I could not help but smile and find myself in awe while watching our pup experience her first full day of warm sunshine.

Watching her reaction to the first flying bug, ears perked and swatting at it with her paw. Then a dried leaf tumbles by, distracting her…as she chases after it…quickly running back to me with her “prize”!

Our lab runs by with their sock…off for a game of tug-a-war…just to be interrupted by the distraction of a bird landing in a tree.  Our pup looking up…as if trying to figure out how to get up the tree.IMG_7384

Watching her copy the actions of our lab…he jumps over a rock….although hesitant, she attempts the same!  She makes it…even though her landing is not the best! LOL

Soon she will be more coordinated…and her reactions to all that go on around will not be met with such wonder and curiosity…for now she is reminding me of all the miracles that surround us on a daily basis!


Body Aches

The warmth of the fire

Gently heating the room

Creating a cozy feeling

That relaxes the mind…

Sitting in the recliner

With feet elevated

To best calm the stabbing

To help rest the throbbing

And aching that permeates the body…

Light pours through the window

Reflections from the snow

Ever brighten the early morning

The sun hidden behind the clouds

As if wrapped in a soft gray blanket…

Thoughts race in the mind

As ears ring in a deafening tone

Increasing in intensity

No amount of distraction

Can calm the turbulence within…

Eyes and heart are smiling

At the beauty of the day

The memories of a year almost done

Distractions viewed with appreciation…

Broken Stillness

The soft drip, drip, drip

Small drops clingingsnow-1163897_1280

To the bare branches…

The snow slowly

Turning to slush

Along it’s outer edges…

The thick white clouds

Mirror the blanket

Covering the ground…

Sidewalks and roadways

Showing the cement

And the pavement below…

The stillness and quiet

Are only broken

By the drip, drip, drip…

The slow methodical

Melting of the surface

As the temperatures rise…

The Yearning Heart

young-girl-dreams-7651155A wishful dream

Never meant to be…

To yearn for one

That would love true…

Desire to build

A life together…

A heart’s aching

Is this dream empty?

To view the beauty

That surrounds with glee…

Yet knowing deep within

One’s measure misses the mark…

Ever falling short

And not want for trying…

Each blemish a gaping scar

There is no cover under which to hide…

Exposed by the brilliant light

And left feeling broken…

Why is love elusive

Found by some and not all?

Searching within

To find what’s lacking…

Review of every aspect

My eyes find nothing…

What truth is to be found

Hidden beyond the cloud?

The question left unanswered

While the heart yearns…


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