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I Just Have to Smile

As if working my first 6 hour per day week was not enough……I noticed that my right leg was not wanting to move properly. I was just contributing this to the swelling moving around….the healing that is still occurring. Then my husband said….isn’t that where your shingles act up?

Of course he had a point! I have also had many episodes of shingles (this would make 6)….and the right groin area is always the lead! I started my drug treatments for shingles to find that I am having relief! My leg is moving better….albeit by end of day today my leg was “lazy”…..but then so was my tummy! LOL

My entire body is tired. And as my husband put it….”Your body has been so overtaxed….so overwhelmed by all it has gone through……no wonder your shingles are acting up!”

Now I am forcing myself to sit and relax. I am in my easy chair…..catching up on email and, of course, blogging! It is so hard for me to sit idle when I feel that I should be on the up side of healing. Yet….I am being shown AGAIN that my body is unique….that I have to be cautious of all aspects of my health….that I must allow my body to fully recover….recoup from these ordeals!

Thankfully….my meds are helping. It is making a big difference in my right leg…..further acknowledging that my shingles were “visiting” again! Crazy! It also further reinforces that my sense of pain is so out of whack! I do not even register the discomfort. I just know something is wrong. Just so glad that I have a wonderful husband who can be so intuitive! So helpful!

I now as stated above…just have to smile! I am blessed! God continues to show me that! I am blessed with a wonderful, caring husband…..an awesome, caring son…..terrific friends and co-workers…..and fantastic family!

My body just makes me slow down……forces me to take time to enjoy the blessings that God has provided.

Strength Returning

I have made it two days in a row! Six hours each at the office….and today managed to get a lot done! Wow!! I even went to the store for a few groceries. Yes….I did feel the burning in my tummy. So am resting before preparing dinner.

It is just so exhilarating to feel that sense of accomplishment! To see strength returning…even though there is still more healing…..the balance of the swelling will eventually disappear.

I am tired……I know this week will challenge me. I am up for that!

Rough Day

This return to work is definitely harder this time. I know the discomfort I have is normal. It is to be expected when back in a dynamic office environment. I just pushed to much yesterday….all ready enough stress on the body with part days!

I also had to go to the store after work to get a few needed items. Thankfully I was smart enough to ask for assistance. So grateful that when asked a courtesy clerk will take all to the rig and load it. My hubby and son unloaded all for me. (If their hands were not so full they would have done the shopping.)

It is a constant up and down. From the earlier energized feeling of Monday and Tuesday…..to the worn and achy feeling of Thursday.

I am resting now. That has to be priority this afternoon. Find it hard to focus. Writing about the day helps. It helps me to refocus…to reflect and to regain patience in the healing process.

It would be awesome if there were a healing gel, ointment or lotion….something that would trigger rapid healing and return of full energy! LOL

It has been wonderful to see company employees….to speak with contacts directly on the office phone. It is humbling to see and hear all the thoughtful words of encouragement.

I am most often asked if I am ready to dance. At that question I can only smile and say that is a little ways off yet! Give me a few more weeks! (I know it will realistically be months. I just prefer to dangle that carrot close!)

There are times I wonder if I will truly get back to pre surgical strength and stamina. I just don’t dwell long there. I just know that I will recover and regain as much strength and stamina that I can. Enough to hunt and fish with my family. Enough to play outside with my son.


As I sit in my recliner, relaxing after 5 hours of work at the office (yes….worked an extra hour), I listen to the pounding of the hammer. My husband and son are outside working on the pheasant coop. Walls are going up…..the roosting area is taking shape.

I can close my eyes and visualize the process. Each board carefully measured….then assembled….raised into place for the addition of the siding.

I hear a smaller hammer. That is my son hammering the plastic stakes in the ground to help secure the fencing. The extra protection for the pheasants….to protect them from predators….

I listened to my body when it was saying “time to go”. Yes…that was at the 4 hour mark today. I listened. I negotiated! I quietly pleaded to complete one more small task….to complete the training I was in the midst of.

I just opened the door to hear the sound of the roaring ocean. I know that means the sea is rough! Although we are close….within 1 mile of the ocean (direct as the crow flies), we normally cannot hear it. When the sea is rough, we can open the door or window and listen…..listen to the roar of the waves crashing along the shoreline.

Windows open I can listen to the occasional car or truck that goes by. I can hear a neighbor’s dog barking. I can hear birds chirping….especially in the morning.

This long term battle with my health has taught me to listen. In a much more acute way than I can express…..only those that have endured….have battled for their health can truly understand.

What illness has taught me is the importance of being still….of listening. By being observant….by learning to hear every sound….those from outside and those within, we grow. We also learn how best to channel what we learn to those around us.

And the best part of listening? I can participate with the world….with my husband..my son….even if my body won’t allow me to be there physically. I am there in mind and spirit.

After my rest….I will go sit in the chair my son has carefully placed so that I can watch their progress while listening to the roar of the sea and the occasional car that goes by.

A Great Day

What a day! I was able to get several projects completed for work (must appreciate this computer age and working remotely), walked for a total of 40 minutes outside (2 – 15 min walks followed by a 10 min), stood and watched our son explore some tunnels in the brush, and caught up the reconciliation of our personal checking account!

I still can’t believe I accomplished all that in one day! I am definitely feeling it now. So am resting…..soon it will be time to heat up left overs for dinner. Then relax to a movie and get another good night’s sleep (thanks to our new bed)!

I again am so thrilled at the resiliency of our son! He is still outdoors with the camera…..filming episodes of his latest outdoor adventure project! To see him so relaxed….so into assisting his Dad with the care of the pheasants and building their outdoor pen….and then turning his energy into imaginative play with his dog at his side!

I could not ask for more! Prayers have been answered…..so many blessings….I am just overwhelmed.

A Full Day

Wow!  I was able to get our son’s Cub Scout scrapbook caught up; and, I put together his 3rd Grade binder!  (I am keeping a binder with sample work for each grade level.  He likes to look back at times….and it is a fun way to share what he is doing with family when they visit.)  Yes….I am only 1 year slow!  However, I am so excited to get all those papers put where they belong!

Then we had an unexpected adventure of going to “the big city” to get the 1″ chicken wire necessary for our pheasant chicks.  Over 2 1/2 hours in the car and walking at Coastal Farms……wow!

This is the most activity I have had in a long time!  Not too bad!  Tummy is a little tender…..mostly the right side (where the majority of the work was done).  So nice though!  To get to go along with “my boys”…..and to participate with them.

Now I rest while they take care of the Sunday evening chores.

4 Weeks Post Op

Woke up this morning with a different feel about the body.  I am definitely moving into the next phase of healing!  Wow!  This is the 4th surgery in just under 2 years…..no wonder this time my body wants to take its time! LOL

I am still working from home, as I can….which means 2 – 4 hours….if I try for more, I am not good for anything the next day.  I was able to be out with our son last night to watch him and his fellow Webelos perform a Flag Ceremony at our local Masonic Lodge.  It was SO worth it!  I did pay for it….did not sleep well at all last night…just laid in bed….resting with eyes closed.

This morning though showed some tell-tell signs that I am healing properly.  The swelling even further down….now can’t really even say swelling.  The tenderness in abdominal area WAY down….I could actually put lotion on my tummy!! I am noticing just the little twinges….where the sutures have not completely dissolved yet.

Even with careful pacing I am “done” by the end of the day.  There is a bit of tenderness that I notice in the abdomen.  This is normal…this is expected.  What is exciting to me is that my body…after all it has been through…is yet again…rising to the occasion!  Wow!

Life’s Road

Resting in my comfy chair recuperating from my latest surgery I can’t help but think…..when I lie in bed at night after prayers are said….my mind races…or rather wanders…..thoughts, experiences, dreams.

My restless mind reminds me of life…..the twists and turns….the ups and downs.  Of decisions, life’s lessons…..relationships…..friendships…..the unseen, yet very felt, Hand of God.

Each day provides opportunity….choices….decisions to be made.  Our goal is to make the most of each day….to make the best decisions we can for ourselves and our loved ones.

To choose to embrace challenges presented to us….to turn them into opportunities that allow us to grow….to become stronger….to give more of ourselves….to appreciate every single moment of every single day.


Don’t underestimate how much muscle strength it takes to do something as simple as sitting upright in a chair at the table!  LOL

Yes…the joy of thinking….I can sit at the table for a couple of hours…then rest….it has been one week since surgery!  Famous last words…and the obvious answer from my body… “NOT!”

I know….after undergoing so much I should know better!  Just shows that what might have  been okay when recovering from a prior surgery….each surgery is unique! I truly underestimated the amount of work done (read as trauma to tummy) during my most recent procedure.  Looking forward to my doctor appointment tomorrow when we will review recovery to date with expectations for the next 4 – 6 weeks.

Resting easier today….some work done on laptop sitting in easy chair.  No more for the balance of the day….checking email…some writing on-line…..then a nap….

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