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The other day received an email from the director of Children’s ministries at our Church notifying us of the retirement of the teacher and assistant teacher for the 4th/5th grade Walking By Faith class. Those wonderful teachers will be missed for sure! These Wednesday night classes are invaluable for our kids.

I cannot get the message out of my mind. I asked my son about it. I asked him if he thought I should step forward and offer to assist teach…..his eyes lit up with excitement…then suddenly changed…..he got so serious! “Mom! You are still recovering! You don’t have the energy yet to be ready to be there every week.”

Oh my! My serious boy! Classes don’t start for another month and a half……and the pull is just so strong. I went ahead and sent an email tonight….just throwing my name in the hat (as a back up) for the assistant teacher if no one comes forward for it.

I so badly just want to jump up and say…..yes…I will teach. I would love to have that opportunity. However, I also know I have to temper my enthusiasm. Keep with the “baby” steps…..keep moving ahead one step at a time.

Just Relaxing

I am relaxing at the end of a busy weekend……my mind questions if this is truly still Saturday! So much has happened! Our son was able to go to a sleep over (complete with the extras he needs due to his No Dairy diet — soy cheese for the pizza that will be prepared, Chocolate Almond Milk and homemade cookies — that will be the substitute since he won’t get to have the birthday goodies).

I am excited that I could coordinate with his friend’s Mom…..advise her of his dietary needs and let her know what I would supply to offset.

He had such a great time! They stayed up way too late (of course)! What else would you expect from a group of young boys! Then it was off to the next birthday celebration! This one at one of our local recreation areas.

It was awesome! Yes…it rained at times…that didn’t deter the kids who just kept playing tag, frisbee or running the trails around the picnic area. We parents were under the gazebo watching the kids…..playing with reckless abandon! Nothing was deterring them from enjoying their time together….and all they could ask was if they could go swimming!

Great food….great time visiting! Piñata for the kids…..then of course…time in the water! (Even with clouds overhead….and our son shivering before even getting in the water!) No way was I going to dampen his enthusiasm!

This was the first birthday party we have been able to stay at and enjoy! I am still blown away that we did not have to leave within the first hour. We were able to enjoy time with friends (who are family)!

Sitting now…..relaxing……I am just overwhelmed by this road that I have been on……through all its twists and turns…..the ups and downs…..the heartache of not being able to participate…..the frustration of having to always leave early (if go at all)……WOW!

This weekend has been tremendous! Not just for me…..all of us! I may be very tired…..and I may tire easily for some time to come……..right now…..I am on top of the world! I felt “normal”…..we were able to participate and enjoy time with those we care for!

We are all going to sleep well tonight!


I have chosen to make the most of the years I have spent battling chronic illness which has included many procedures and surgeries. In doing so, it occurred to me that I should share some of the wonderful lessons that I have learned…..lessons taught by a very “tough” school.

I have learned that it is important to allow others to be the doers….to allow others to take care of me.

I have learned to give all power…..all control to God…truly does provide relief.

I have learned that true strength comes from having none.

I have learned that peace comes from being surrounded by family and friends….they are the “security blanket” that surrounds and supports.

I have learned that my husband and son are more important to me than I could have ever imagined….their support…their fortitude….their hugs and tender care…….words cannot express.

I have learned that I am not in control. My body has demonstrated repeatedly that it can take me down!

I have learned to, literally, take each moment….each day as a cherished….blessed gift.

None of us know how long our trek on this earth will be…..it is the time and how we spend it that matters most.

Rough Day

Well….not surprising! Today was rough! I know I was feeling some from having done so much yesterday. Add to it, the remainder of the swelling decided to maneuver. Tissue movement….swelling changes….all total what any of you who have experienced….discomfort.

I do not mean to understate by my own description. I know that for some people this would be considered painful…and possibly quite so. I mean no offense. In my world though….I do am so desensitized to pain that I can only register discomfort. As a nurse told me….due to the way I am moving today….it would be a 6-7 on a pain scale…..now more like a 7-8.

The timing of this next adjustment to the tissues and swelling is just a bummer! I know that by tomorrow morning I will be feeling much better. Another good night’s sleep….even if it means lying flat on my back with legs elevated to maximize the rest for my tummy.

I did take Ibuprofen today….to help with the discomfort. And….yes, I intend to keep up with them for the next week. I need that minimal support for the sake of my body….to maximize the healing.

To those that don’t like taking pills….I can totally relate! It is only because I have been through so many procedures and surgeries that I am taking my pills as I should. It is too easy to push and think that pills can be dropped earlier than they should. Modifying and slowly changing up…..carefully listening to the body. Such a delicate dance!

Now to rest…..and time to print this to remind myself of how I should continue to watch and pace myself! LOL

Simple Pleasures

Wow!  Our new bed arrived today!  I feel like a child at Christmas….only difference is I can’t wait until bedtime!  Part of healing is being able to have a good night’s sleep.  Well our former bed has not been providing that!  Being a side sleeper my hips have been paying the price!  Between the hips aching and the intense night sweats (thanks to the oophorectomy), it has been a true challenge to get the rest my body needs to heal!

I am past the pain meds that allowed me to sleep.  I am now only using Ibuprofen….lightly as needed.  I know next week I will need to take it on a regular basis since I will be returning to work…..yes….easing back into it!  I will be starting at 4 hours a day. Will listen to the body…..I can supplement from home as needed.

I had sworn up and down that I would never buy another bed!  The last one was such a horrendous disappointment.  After  15  years though, my hubby was finally able to convince me to get rid of the bed and get a new one.

It was crazy spending time laying on all the beds…testing them!  (That was a great outing!!) So amazing the new technologies!  And…..of course, we made it a family affair!  It was my opportunity to get out of the house! And how better to spend time than to lie down and test out beds!  LOL

Now I sit here….we have enjoyed watching Ghost Hunters for the night…..son is in the tub…..I am anxiously watching the clock!  LOL

I am looking forward to a solid night’s sleep.  My activity level is up during the day.  My mind is focused.  I am focused on moving forward….of being healthy….of resuming life activities. Yet…most of all…I am looking forward to a solid….long….night’s sleep!


Wow!  Hit that literal proverbial wall last night!  Stomach was in knots…..system recovering…..couldn’t keep eyes open….so to bed at 6 PM!  Next thing I know hubby is waking me…..that I should take my meds….it is almost Midnight!  Then it is 7 AM!  Wow!!

I know….said it before!  Our bodies are amazing though…..to think of the trauma it goes through during surgery……then the restlessness with intermittent sleep…albeit deep sleep for short intervals…….then the body says “Shut Down”….and boom!  Out like a light!

Really resting easy today!  Will go for another short walk in an hour or so….so blessed with another beautiful day…..walking around the house with the sun shining…..warming the skin…..breathing deeply of the fresh air!

Praise God!  Thank you family and friends!  Thank my surgeons!  Here’s to another day of recouping!  (And I will continue to pray for patience to allow my body to fully heal!!!)

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