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Rough Day

This return to work is definitely harder this time. I know the discomfort I have is normal. It is to be expected when back in a dynamic office environment. I just pushed to much yesterday….all ready enough stress on the body with part days!

I also had to go to the store after work to get a few needed items. Thankfully I was smart enough to ask for assistance. So grateful that when asked a courtesy clerk will take all to the rig and load it. My hubby and son unloaded all for me. (If their hands were not so full they would have done the shopping.)

It is a constant up and down. From the earlier energized feeling of Monday and Tuesday…..to the worn and achy feeling of Thursday.

I am resting now. That has to be priority this afternoon. Find it hard to focus. Writing about the day helps. It helps me to refocus…to reflect and to regain patience in the healing process.

It would be awesome if there were a healing gel, ointment or lotion….something that would trigger rapid healing and return of full energy! LOL

It has been wonderful to see company employees….to speak with contacts directly on the office phone. It is humbling to see and hear all the thoughtful words of encouragement.

I am most often asked if I am ready to dance. At that question I can only smile and say that is a little ways off yet! Give me a few more weeks! (I know it will realistically be months. I just prefer to dangle that carrot close!)

There are times I wonder if I will truly get back to pre surgical strength and stamina. I just don’t dwell long there. I just know that I will recover and regain as much strength and stamina that I can. Enough to hunt and fish with my family. Enough to play outside with my son.

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