Embracing life with chronic pain and illnesses.

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Time to be honestly brutal! I am not where I thought I would be…that is the truth. Would I change where I am? NO! Never….not a chance!

I had grand hopes in my youth to be in the medical profession and to help others……however, I digressed. I was snookered! More so…I was betrayed. I experienced what I would hope no one would have to endure…..

After breaking free….I rediscovered life…..found my hubby (a childhood friend)…..and our so awesome son!

The struggles of my health have been huge! I now see that I would not have been healthy enough to go through stresses that my dreams desired. My dreams did not understand the limitations of my body.

So thankful that there is a higher power, God, that directs all these pieces!

Returning To Work

This week was my return to full reality! I am working in the office part-time. Read that as 4 – 4 1/2 hours. Yesterday kicked my butt! Sorry to be so frank. I came home and had to take a nap! I was tired and slept long and hard last night.

Today I had to work in the PM. That was tough! The PM is tough. I made it though. I was very tired afterwards. I took advantage of Papa Murphy’s. Love the fact they will provide “cheese less” cheesy bread! (Have to be able to add our son’s goat cheese or soy cheese instead!)

Now I am just worn out! And this is only Tuesday!! I have the rest of the week to go. Thankfully I will be able to work mornings and then nap in the afternoon. My body is just not ready for anything more. I wish I could be on a faster track. That is not my path….I must take a slower trek.

Next week I am hoping for 6 hour days. We will see! I must carefully listen to my body. If I am this worn out still next week, I will have to slow my return. I will offset as best I can from home.

My mind is set. I am continuing to be positive. I am striving for more strength. Anticipating improvement day by day…albeit slow.

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