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Happy New Year

As we begin a new year, I want to say Happy New Year! The years are flying by! Each year is going faster and faster. It is hard to keep up with all that is happening!

Our children are involved in so many opportunities…..be it Church, Scouts, School, etc…..

I am taken back…..I remember the huge celebration around year 1976! Such an awesome 200 birthday party for the United States of America!

I remember the eve of 2000. I was in Phoenix, AZ….there were lines of folks lined up for fuel…preparing for everything to shut down. It was crazy!

Now….we are at 2015! We are not in space…we do not use hovercrafts as transport! Fiction has not met fact. We are not yet experiencing the grand ideas those before us thought! Think of the television show Space: 1999!

I prefer to dwell in the awesome presence of life….our “now”! We are enjoying a new year with our loved ones! We have the opportunity to spend more time….to share our experiences…..to embrace our families, our friends!

I for one, am so appreciative of this new year! I look forward to every moment that I will be able to share with my hubby, my son, my family and friends! I am so glad to be here to share this with them!


I so enjoy this time of year! Attending Masses during this Advent Season….watching our son decorate the Christmas Tree…..seeing his excitement as he selects gifts for family members.

The subtle smells of pine and fir boughs……of cinnamon….the warmth of candlelight and a roaring fire.

The greatest joy is watching our son counting the Advent candles in anticipation of celebrating Jesus birth! He understands the meaning of this wonderful season.

And yet, he can still be our little boy! Our wide-eyed enthusiastic boy who is eagerly awaiting Santa….and looking forward to time with family!


Time to be honestly brutal! I am not where I thought I would be…that is the truth. Would I change where I am? NO! Never….not a chance!

I had grand hopes in my youth to be in the medical profession and to help others……however, I digressed. I was snookered! More so…I was betrayed. I experienced what I would hope no one would have to endure…..

After breaking free….I rediscovered life…..found my hubby (a childhood friend)…..and our so awesome son!

The struggles of my health have been huge! I now see that I would not have been healthy enough to go through stresses that my dreams desired. My dreams did not understand the limitations of my body.

So thankful that there is a higher power, God, that directs all these pieces!

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